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So now what?

As another UNCO has come to an end I find myself in a similar position again. I’m dreaming of what can be. The ideas talked about and the great people associated with them was again phenomenal. In fact I am always amazed by the quality of the minds that are drawn to a seemingly dying faith tradition. I, like many who were in attendance, fear for what we are to do with ourselves as we see fewer and fewer ministry jobs that can pay enough to dedicate the time and energy we all wish to give to them. How can you honestly give the care and attention deserved to careing for people when you know your shift at Starbucks is about to begin? What are those who are in jobs that do pay enough to do when the writing is on the wall that this gravy train is pulling into the station? Are they supposed to give time to retraining at the expense of those who are paying for you to be available for the church?
Well again as usual UNCO challenged us to get busy! Carol Howard-Merrit went so far as to make permission slips for us. (Mine was free parking.) We both individually and as a community of Christ followers need to stop talking about how hard it’s going to be and start doing it. I’m so sick of hearing how BIG this ship is and how long it’s going to take to turn it. We’ve been so busy saying this that now is to late to worry about turning and time to man the lifeboats.
I plan to enlist my first career in the corporate world to help others take their ideas from just that to business plans and strategies. I want to work with others to make venture capital a model for fundraising. If the stinking political system can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single night with the promise of changing your life for the better shouldn’t an organization that has been doing it for 2000 years be able garner some success asset it? (with at least no more misleading crooks than politics which is successful at it!).
So while I too have many good ideas for ministry I’m going to start by looking for ways to help many others ideas happen, or at least some of them 🙂
Contact me if you think I can help. Contact me if you are somebody that can help me get my venture capital ministry fund going too. It’s going to take getting connected as one people of God if any of this will happen.
Once again UNCO team thanks for getting the creative jucies flowing now get busy!