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As I sit here cruising at 35,000 feet I just finished watching Silver Lining Playbook. This comes on the heels of a pastor event that spent a week tugging at my emotions. The timing of watching this movie I really wanted to see was rather perfect. This movie did something to move me to see something more about my life I have not deal with during my introspection.
I come from a family that struggles with a variety of mental roadblocks in our lives, including my own. To be honest we have never dealt with them well. They are typically put into the background and not dealt with together. Through these struggles I have worked to remember that we love one another. I realized watching Hollywood’s rendition of family dysfunction that this method does not work well.
After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano comes home and moves back in with his parents, back to the same setting he grew up in, with its lack of attention to mental disorders and struggle to show love. His goal is to reconcile with his ex-wife by becoming a person that shows love and care. It is not until Pat meets Tiffany and is forced to deal with his and her mental dysfunction that he begins to experience a true feeling of love.
As I fly toward home I can’t help but think how can I do better. I know that it takes patience. I know that it takes perseverance. Must of all I know that it takes love.
Growing up my family did not deal with our mental struggles well either. Nor did we do such a good job of showing outward signs of our love. I think that was tough on me and made it tough for me today to understand showing/experiencing love in a positive light. I want to end that cycle for my family now.
I’m not talking about the signs of love such as giving lavish presents on Christmas or Valentine’s day but a love that is acted out daily. I want to show my family the love I have for them and that they deserve. I want to be more aware of what is important to my wife and kids today. I want to be able to set aside those things that distract me from being present with them. I want to hug and kiss my son’s good night every night. I want to hug and kiss my wife daily not only so she feels the love but so our kids will see that we love each other and them.
Life is to short to not strive for happiness, to seek good, and to look for those silver linings. I thank God for showing me this love and today I hope I can make a step toward being the love I wish to see in the world