2 weeks can be a long way

2 weeks. It can seem like an eternity. When I began this new phase of discovery 2 weeks seemed forever. Every time the screws were turned tighter two weeks seemed like they may never end. Two weeks would go by hearing every single click of the seconds on the clock. My world was being turned upside down. Now 10 long months down the road I’ve just finished the first two weeks in a new(old) career. I have a fresh perspective on what the corporate world feels like. Like the problems they face are very real and very important I can look at them with a different perspective when I think about it in relation to sitting with a family as one of their own dies. I can better rationalize an emergency of a late shipment when I think of taking calls from parents whose child didn’t come home last night.

I think I’m ready to go whole hog on it this time. I’m ready to give it my all but with a new perspective that seems to bring everything into perspective. Not only that I don’t need to overreact to every little problem that arises in my realm of responsibility but that I can think back to the incredible honor it truly was to serve those families and individuals that called me “pastor”.
While I never would have chosen the path I took to get here, I know I’m here, for now. I know that I can do this. I also know that I will miss that. Perspective is a powerful thing that sometimes takes a life to recognize and sometimes we realize we have found in it just two short weeks.
The grass withers and the flowers fade but our God is here forever.


One thought on “2 weeks can be a long way”

  1. What a beautiful post, Chris! Much love from all of us in the Klink family. You made a real difference in our lives, and we are forever grateful.

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