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Have you ever had one of the experiences that just seem important but are a bit overwhelming to process? Yeah me too. It happened this week. I’ve had a very busy month with air travel 3 out of 4 weeks. This last week however was the one thing I really wanted to do.  I was excited to arrive and meet in person for the first time many of the people I have had conversations with via twitter and to spend time knowing them more.  Upon arrival I saw some old friends and many, many, many… many new ones.  They all came from such diverse backgrounds.  It was exciting! I wanted to sit down and talk with each and everyone of them. But I didn’t. In fact I felt such an overload of people I struggled to have more than a couple of quality conversations.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not taking anything away from this event and the excitement that was felt by so many people… it just overwhelmed me. The idea even excites me enough that I have been in conversation with the developers of this un-conference about putting one on out west.  This in fact is something I am very excited about.  I can’t wait to be able to help move this conversation along.  This conversation of not needing an “expert” to be the talking head up front and the rest of us nodding along in agreement then maybe just maybe getting him/her to sign my copy of their book.  Instead we get to build relationships with each other, learn about differences, grow to respect those differences then go out and do the work of Jesus the Christ in the world. That was the power of this time. EVERYBODY was the experts! But it was also what was overwhelming for me. I wanted to listen to and talk to each of these experts, I wanted to find out how my ministry can expand from their experiences, I wanted to share my own ideas about the future of the church… but in the meantime I was just overwhelmed.

As I go forward from here I will look forward to reading what other attendees will write and share about their experiences. I also look forward to see what things happen in the action category from this event.  My process will be to figure out how we can get the most out of the next Unco to connect people, grow as a community and most of all continue the work of building the Kingdom of God we have all been invited to take part in. And most of all get lots of rest prior to it so that I can make the connections I so desperately want to.

In the name of the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Sustainer, Peace be with you 🙂


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    1. One thing I have learned is that west coast Presby’s are different than most of the nation, but we will begin to infiltrate(read:take over) the rest of the country! bwah ha ha ha

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