It is not failure it is just change

So yesterday may not have seemed a lot different than a lot of conferences you have been to. We gathered and shared in worship, had a meal and did some great socializing till the wee hours.  Today however you definitely found yourself down the rabbit hole! For any of the introvert or type A (tell me what to do next) type folks  the roller coaster was at the top of the hill.  This morning after the not-so-dull roar of breakfast we were greeted by a “so what do y’all wanna talk about?”

The group began to suggest things they wanted to talk about and after about 20 some minutes we had our schedule for the day. (Check out the schedules here) It was an interesting dynamic to see the variety of issues that people wanted to talk about. It was also intriguing to see the group get excited to see what our un-conference was becoming.

I attended four different sessions with four different topics but what struck me most was that  all the discussions seemed to gravitate toward one similar topic.  The need for change.  Regardless of denomination or geography we all recognize one thing, reformation is upon us and change can no longer be ignored.  It was not about looking at the church as a failure but as a once in a life opportunity to do the things God’s church will need for the next period of time.  Nobody seems to be certain how long this next epoch will last but it seemed very certain that it was indeed here.

What can we do to make this change as painless as possible? What can we do to help usher those saints that have brought us this far, faithfully?  How do we gracefully engage the culture that has written off the church?

All these questions are what the church is facing, today.  All these questions are what the folks at Unco are asking.  I guess I better quite sitting around and get to work!