I was supposed to put my 10A story up next about Collen but I forgot my notes at home so that will be put off a bit longer yet.  Plus I arrived at #unco11 last night and am a bit distracted by it now. Unco is short for un-confrence, a hipster term for a gathering of fairly like minded individuals to build there own conference. As one of our hosts says: “You are the ROCKSTAR!” The discussions will come from the minds of the individuals that show up (which this year has nearly 70 participants and something like 9 kiddos). In fact the participants are the speakers, hosts, techie’s, organizers, bar tenders, child care providers, etc.

I for one have not been to a conference like this before but felt it was such a great opportunity that I shoe horned it into an already busy May. I am here with old friends and many I have never meet other than on twitter. We have Presby’s, Methodists, DoC, UCC, even a Mennonite!  I am tasked with helping to make sure the tech stuff happens. Of course I would gravitate toward that. I am excited about how this will all work out and hopefully seeing the wizard behind the curtain won’t ruin it for me. I just may even do more writing like I want to because of it! Well that is my shot post for the morning if you want to follow #unco11 check out the twitter feed or go to the web site to find out how you can watch some of the events live streaming!

PS I’m sorry to my family for being gone so much this month I guess my ADD mind just can’t stop when this kind of craziness is happening!


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